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DannieM Photography is a photography company ​specializing in food photography for brands. Their ​photographs are not only visually stunning but also ​capture the essence of the food being photographed. ​DannieM Photography's team of skilled photographers ​work closely with their clients, ensuring that each ​photograph showcases the unique qualities of the brand's ​products. Their attention to detail and creativity sets ​them apart from other food photography companies. ​Whether it's for social media, advertising, or packaging, ​DannieM Photography's images are sure to leave a lasting ​impression on consumers. With a passion for food and ​photography, DannieM Photography is the perfect choice ​for any brand looking to elevate their visual presence.

Food photography is a great tool that can be used to ​showcase the beauty and artistry of cuisine. With the rise ​of social media, more and more people are sharing ​pictures of their meals online. This has led to a surge in ​interest in food photography and has made it easier than ​ever to share your culinary creations with the world.

One of the great things about food photography is that it ​allows you to capture the essence of a dish in a way that ​words simply can't. A well-composed photograph can ​convey the texture, color, and aroma of a dish, making it ​almost possible to taste it just by looking at the image.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, professional chef or ​an enthusiastic home cook, food photography can help ​you to showcase your skills and share your passion for ​cooking with others. With a little bit of practice and some ​basic equipment, anyone can take beautiful and ​compelling food photographs that will make your mouth ​water.

So whether you are looking to build your social media ​following, promote your restaurant, or simply share your ​love of cooking with others, food photography is a ​powerful tool that can help you to achieve your goals. ​Get started today and see how you can use this exciting ​medium to take your culinary creations to the next level!


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Danielle Murdock

Foodie x Fearless Leader

owner & Photographer

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Sw​eet Pie Desserts

Dannie was early to our appointment ​while I was late lol! She had already ​made an assessment of where to take ​the pictures before I got there which ​was very helpful. She really showed ​that she cared about what I thought of ​her work by allowing me to look at ​several shots to make sure I was happy ​with each pic. Dannie was very ​creative, she made great use of the ​packaging ribbon in each shot that ​gave my products individual beauty. I ​am very pleased. She did an excellent ​job can't wait to work with her again! ​And I will definitely tell my business ​colleagues about her.

Cherie M., ​Owner

Quotation Mark

Ma​ster Taco

Danielle did a great at job. Very ​professional and nice. She took her ​time to ensure we got the right angles ​and checked in to make sure we were ​happy with the shots.

Jaqueline A., Man​ager

Quotation Mark

R&B Tea

Excellent experience!​

Isabel A., Owner​

You should let us ​take your ​pictures.

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